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“The worrybead of Nafplio”

In the old city of the first capital of Greece, in Nafplio, you can meet beyond the enchanting natural beauty and the historical breeze of the place our two shops with big variety  of  worrybeads  from all over the world.  With  taste,  love and attention we search,  we collect and  we allocate  worrybeads from  each  corner  of  earth  with  unique aim  to maintain them and  bring hem to you.  With experience,  over  30  years, we are near  you  in  any  search  and  exploration  of the charming  world  of   worrybead.  We offer you a variety of  different  materials  in many colours  and sizes.  Through  our  daily  contact  with  the  costumers who love  and  always want to know more about the  worrybeads,  we undersant their needs  and we create in    exclusivity an evolved,functionnal  version  of  worrybead  that  represents  the reality  and  needs  of  each unique personality.

Together  in  each  “worrybead soud”,
Singenidi Eleni.

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