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The “ Worrybead- bracelet- lucky charm” has
been born covering the need to exist a worrybaed that combines functionnal size and form so that it is stored more easily and to be discreet. When we want to release our hands instead of hide its beauty in any pocket or bag we secure it in our wrist as a bracelet and we are sure that we did not forget it somewhere or it is taken. Moreover in this way our organism continues to accept the beneficial attributes of the material of our worrybead as it is on the skin and comes in contact with our body. Its tying is ensured by a beautiful symbolic eye bead which traditionally provides protection from the bad eye and the negative energy functioning as energy shield giving in the one that keeps it and  wears it furtune and protection. The “Worrybead- bracelet- lucky charm” is intended for all ages and you can find it  in a variety of materials for all pocketbooks for men and women in a big variety of colours and different textures.

We wish you beautiful playing with your new worrybead and we are in your disposal apart from our two shops in Nafplio, also in our electronic shop to take and fill your personal order.

Yous with joy and smile,
Singenidi Eleni.

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