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The worrybead today is a symbol of social and intellectual development.  
An energy source that gives body and spirit support, strength and healing properties. The natural materials that comprise the worrybead are transmitters of energy of the Earth and nature from which they come. As well as can be done, and the energy of the universe receivers with meditation techniques and Reiki in order to strengthen and cleanse the blocked energy of humans through contact with the body but also the spaces that he is. Apply reflexology and mooving therapy in the fingers, palms and wrists of the hands. Colour therapy and aromatherapy around the human body.

Reflexology is a method of alternative medicine based on the application of specific pressure on the nerve endings of the fingers, in the back and in the body of the palm. These pressures are causing a 'reflex' stimulus in each point and organ of the body separately, resulting in stimulation of the nervous system and the body's defence.

The movement therapy is a therapeutic form of physical therapy, which can be used to treat various physical problems, while features and preventive properties. So our wrist shaking in our preoccupation with our kompologaki train and strengthen the muscles and tendons of the fingers, wrist and forearm.

Colour therapy is able to detoxify the body, increase blood circulation, soothes irritations utilizing light energy of colours stimulates the skin or organs of the body with the aim of strengthening the body and treating various ailments. Wonderful colours alternated on beads of various natural materials that make up the beads and everyone picks ...or graded ... from the material that will satisfy their needs.

Aromatherapy is an ancient science, which uses natural perfumes to offer health and wellness. There are natural materials such as amber and aromatic seeds of whom manufacture beads and offering such qualities as their natural scent pops up during friction and warming their beads from our hand.

So we would say that fairly represents a remarkable occupation and object collection. The timelessness of the has release from any bias and taboos. Used by men, women, children, young and older. It has decorative, traditional and utilitarian value. We host it in our homes, our hands caressing decorating our wrist and neck, given away to our loved ones. Even if we don't understand our worrybead picks us.. like it knows the needs and our weaknesses and it approach us to help us with its properties. We must take care it and respect it as it is a faithful companion for years now – our friend.

With faith and love towards a traditional cultural symbol,
Singenidi Eleni.

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