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Pearl white colour
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Pearl white colour

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Pearl: It is a product of a living organism, oyster. If inside a shell, invades a piece of rock, the shell does not have the ability to eliminate it, secretes mother-of-Pearl around the attacker in order to neutralize it. The shell during the 6th or 7th year of his life, has covered the little rock with many layers of pearl until a beautiful Pearl is made. We find it in white, light pink, light blue, silver, gold, green, black color on matte and iridescent hues. It symbolizes the moon, water, the universe. It attracts wealth, it offers peace and tranquility, protects from emotional trauma. Enhances fertility and combats sterility. Gives strength, health, happiness and longevity. It's energy strengthens the respiratory system, helps the heart and bowels. It is known more than 6000 years. Found in excavations in Mexico (2500 b.c.) and in Pompeii (79 b.c.). The ancient Romans believed that it could bring sweet dreams in women. The Indians used it as a talisman against all negative energies and the Mongols to increase virility.

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