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Apple Coral
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Apple Coral

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Coral: It is a fossil marine organism. It brings prosperity, wealth and it is considered protective and lucky. It has an anti-depresant energy, prevents negative emotions and violent reactions. Removes the confusion, encourages positive thinking and sharpens the mind. Helps in concentration of mind and enhances spiritual activities. Protects sailors, divers, fishermen and generally anyone involved with the sea. Keeps away the anxiety and nightmares, it helps against insomnia. Its anegy protects your home and family. It stops bleeding, it stimulates the heart and the circulatory, it helps anemia and lethargy. Archaeologists record reports of coral from 10,000 BC. It was well-known to ancient Egypt and the tribes of the Celts, so its name has Celtic origin. Another theory says that the name is purely Greek and means "daughter of the sea" "daughter (cori)" and "sault (als)". The first to record the forces of Coral is the Orpheus in Lithika. He reports that the coral protects against marine risks and negative influences. Enhances the fertility of the Earth and its crops.The Roman women used it to attract men. Great Albert writes that the coral stops bleeding if placed on a wound, heals the craziness and gives its owner wisdom.

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